Are you getting enough business from your website? I'll show you how to be more engaging and capture more leads or sales 


I undestand the challenges Charities face in getting their message across.

I have worked with Charities as a volunteer, pro bono and under contract for many years both in the UK and overseas. No matter the size all Charities face similar problems in attracting and engaging supporters. 

I have advised on all aspect of engagement including Facebook, Google Ads, Email Marketing and most recently on Video, which is an amazing way to gain exposure and with the advent of smart phones can be done cheaply in house.

Here is a video made using 2 iPhones that I shot together with Nicki Fitz-Gerald of iPC. The object of the video was to attract sponsors for a children's Charity. It got 4,000 views on Facebook in the first week.

Coming up with the idea was the fun part, if you want to chat with me about ideas for videos and how to come up with them then please get in touch.